Expert Services to help resolve complex situations

Hiring an expert is a big step; it usually means something has gone wrong. If all parties behaved reasonably and professionally, we experts would not be needed. 

Having a vehicle repaired after an accident should be a minor inconvenience. The world should be balanced and smooth; competence and honesty should guide the process. That is not always the case and occasionally situations are just too complex to understand easily without expert guidance. Sometimes one needs outside help.

This site and my services are meant to help clarify all aspects of automotive collision repair from the scene of the accident on through the process of getting the vehicle repaired and collecting all moneys owed.  You will find information here about how vehicles should be fixed, how the bills should be paid, what happens if the car is a total loss, so-called diminished value, replacement transportation, appraisal process. 

Charles Wilhite

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